Revenue Inspector

The Revenue Inspector is appointed for a circle.Depending on the size of the circle, a Revenue Inspector heads 10 to 20 Village Accountants.His main function is to supervise the work of Village Accountants working under him, and furnish information, reports etc., to the Tahsildar as and when called for.The various registers and forms that he is required to maintain are given in a separate chapter entitled “Office Procedure”.

Revenue Inspector is a vital link between the Village Accountant and the Tahsildar.He is required to be in constant touch with the Village Accountants and the Tahsildar.He is required to perform all the duties prescribed under the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964 and Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961 in or under any other law for the time being in force.

The block and village level bodies are generally executive in nature, while the district level body mostly has a co-ordinating and supervisory role.

Though he is a Revenue Functionary and his main function is to collect revenue, he is increasingly called upon to perform a host of other functions related to general administration and of departments like Development, Health, Forest, Election, Census etc.